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Subject: Confirming the proper sub

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First of all...awesome site and thanks so much for your efforts. My stuff is a little weird as I use my PA to announce motorsports events and various Go kart, quarter midget and other racing events. I do music while I'm there as well...I have 4 yamaha sv115 2 ways, and I have some speakers that I came across made by McCauley...I have 4 12" woofers they heavier than the hubs of hell, and was wondering if they would make a good sub because I want to add some low end to my system...of course I know what I would love to have, but right now im just trying to make the best of what I have until I can step up to more high dollar stuff.  I also have 4 of the peavey 15" black widow woofers...are the plans for the stand up bass cab that can use one or two woofers the box I would want to use?   

I know that you get asked all the crap a zillion times so any advice you could quickly give me I wouldl appreciate...I will be using a Carvin DC1000 amplifier to power it ...thanks guys really appreciate it

Terry Bridges psaudioservices@gmail.com 

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