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Music Technology

Music tech forum is for all general music technology questions discussion tips and tricks etc - All general recording and equipment topics and questions here please.

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Ableton Live 11 shortcut issue...

Last-post: hepov46230 - 27/02/24 @ 05:41

Music tracks & feedback

Post requests for feedback, mix checks, or just to let people know about tracks or mixes you've added - Anything to do with your tunes and mixes here please.

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Shockwave - new original tech trance song

Last-post: nicolas.pedro90 - 10/02/24 @ 08:29

Mixers/Mixing & Effects

Like the title says, a forum and noticeboard for all things to do with mixers, mixing, effects, technique, advice and tips - All mixing, mixer and effects topics and questions here please.

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Yamaha Promix 01 or 01v

Last-post: xeniaernesta66 - 30/01/24 @ 09:01

Synths & Synthesis

All things to do with synths, keyboards and synthesis, making sounds, theory questions, tips and info requests - All synth & synthesis topics and questions here please.

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Classic Electronica Daw Projects

Last-post: Lukasz Jankowski - 12/12/23 @ 11:04

Samplers & Sampling

Samplers, sampling, sample cd's and sounds, sampling techniques, advice or tips, even smaplers! - Sampling technology topics and questions here please.

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12 FREE sample packs available

Last-post: steve8 - 18/06/22 @ 10:38

PC Music & Technology

Use this forum and messageboard for all things to do with PC and Mac music - Soundcards, audio in/out devices, and software topics and questions here please.

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Last-post: mark jhon - 27/02/24 @ 08:31

Drums / Rhythms / Programming

Use this forum and messageboard for drums and drumming posts - Drum machines, drum programming and techniques and other drum topics and questions here please.

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Electronic Drum Pads!

Last-post: fefapo6350 - 25/06/22 @ 01:07

Theory / Composition / Technique

Use this forum and messageboard for composing and theory, advice, tips, etc - All music theory, technique and composition topics and questions here please.

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Resources for 70's / 80's Reggae Dub Techniques

Last-post: Dan79 - 26/10/18 @ 07:09

Guitars / Amps

Guitars based message board which includes a fill-out tab grid to add tabs with your posts - All guitars, amps, technique, sounds etc topics and questions here please.

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Last-post: xeniaernesta66 - 30/01/24 @ 09:02

Deejay / DJ-Kit

Anything to do with turntables, deejay mixers, cd decks, deejaying etc - All deejay topics and questions here please.

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Become a DJ

Last-post: Become a DJ - 30/04/14 @ 05:39

Live / Gigging / PA

This forum/messageboard is for all things pa and live shows - All live gigging and PA questions, topics and requests here please.

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Where to Find Pokémon Games for Nintendo?

Last-post: Kel Rogers - 28/02/24 @ 12:28

The Lounge

All offtopic stuff - There's been some ferocious action on this board in the past... so much so it drove most of the users away! lol.. maybe one day it'll come back to life.

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Importance of Solar Panel Controllers

Last-post: asauribe6 - 21/02/24 @ 04:36


We will keep this forum / messageboard open in case the site picks up for forum activity - The title says it all, add anything here you want to buy sell or swap.

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Last-post: Celestial3 - 13/02/24 @ 10:50

Site bugs & feedback

Bugs and user requests - If you think of a facility you need or which would be cool for the site tell us and we usualy add it if possible - If you find any errors or have user admin questions that aren't of a private nature or you think you found a bug or layout problem - tell us about it here.

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Crafting Engaging Academic Content: Designing Space for Reading, Research, and Lifelong Learning

Last-post: 3grant - 9/02/24 @ 06:31