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Readers chart - Dance/Electronic      Sun Sep-27 2020

  Title Moves Artist Play
1Lonly Only Remix  [+41] DJ RaN-MaN
2Supa Flavorific  [+40] DJ RaN-MaN
3Suicide Ridas Remix  [+39] DJ RaN-MaN
4Hot Filthy Dirrty Remix  [+38] DJ RaN-MaN
5Boomtown Bitches Remix  [+37] DJ RaN-MaN
6Badda Boom Remix  [+36] DJ RaN-MaN
7Arrive Alive Remix  [+35] DJ RaN-MaN
8 I Can't Stand Some LA Niggaz  [+34] DJ RaN-MaN

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Deejay Mix Chart

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