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Two make up Ology Projects sonic concoction. During the past 7 years they've played at events & nightclubs throughout central Florida releasing their tunes on their own imprint Voive Records. Their 1st. remix was for Mercy Machine's "In your bed" in 2003. Later picked up by Vibration Records in 2007 for the Journey-part 1. Their latest EP "Cinematic" is available online via Snocap and on iTunes world-wide on Dec. 28th 2007. Help spread the word and tell a friend. If you like any of the music hea... (more)



Play this track stream BassHead (concept version)
Play this track stream Atmosphere (ology's analog remix)
Play this track stream MercyMachine- In your bed
Play this track stream Vienna
Play this track stream June Shining (short wave radio mix)
Play this track stream If you only knew (electro love mix)
Play this track stream Transit (beyond the future mix)
Play this track stream A:Life (fragment mix)
Play this track stream SocialPanik- I WANT IT ALL radio mix

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Drum & bass


United States



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