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Two make up Ology Projects sonic concoction. During the past 7 years they've played at events & nightclubs throughout central Florida releasing their tunes on their own imprint Voive Records. Their 1st. remix was for Mercy Machine's "In your bed" in 2003. Later picked up by Vibration Records in 2007 for the Journey-part 1. Their latest EP "Cinematic" is available online via Snocap and on iTunes world-wide on Dec. 28th 2007. Help spread the word and tell a friend. If you like any of the music hear dont hesitate to give us a shout.

Feel free to give back any feedback. Thats one of the reasons these tracks are posted here.

Support the artist you like. If you hear something you like here or any artist on 7161, spread the word and tell a friend. Support from music lovers like yourselves is what pushes us to keep doing what we love to do. Feel free to review any and all tracks. We'd like to hear from people as to what they like/dislike about our tracks. Your feedback is GREATLY appreciated.

For booking, licensing, and everything else, email us here at the link above or to ologyproject@yahoo.com


nEwS:>06/02/07. You can join us on-line @


04/12/07: In your Bed (license to thril mix) to be re-released on Vibration Records forthcomming Comp. visit http://www.vibrationrecords.com


06/30/07: New digital EP "Cinemati< " Out now. Album comming this summer. Visit our myspace page for more details.

Kitlist details

Pro Tools HD 3 Accel on a dual G5 266 w/ 7GB ram.
Logic 7
Brent Avril pre amp (mono)
Avalon 737
Apogee Rosetta 800 D/A converter
Old School Audio mic pre (3)
Lundal pic-pre
API (x2) mic-pre
Neve dual mic-pre
Tube-tech dual CL 2A comp/limiter
HHB tube compressor/pre amp
Yamaha O2R mixer
Electribe MX-1
Roland JP8000
Roland JV1080
Roland Juno 106
Roland Phantom 6
Roland EF-303 groove box
Roland R8 MKII
Proteus 2000
Oberheim OB-12
Novation K-station
Akai MPC 2000
Muse Receptor (750gb/2gbRam)
AKG C 414
Neuman 147
Blue "Dragonfly" mic
Audio technica 4033
Mackie HR 824 Monitors
Yamaha NS-10s
WaveLab 4.0
Sound Forge
Sony Acid 4.0
Mach 5 digital sampler (tdm)
Eventide Anthology pack.
Mashup of soft synths & plug-ins.



Play this track stream BassHead (concept version)
Play this track stream Atmosphere (ology's analog remix)
Play this track stream MercyMachine- In your bed
Play this track stream Vienna
Play this track stream June Shining (short wave radio mix)
Play this track stream If you only knew (electro love mix)
Play this track stream Transit (beyond the future mix)
Play this track stream A:Life (fragment mix)
Play this track stream SocialPanik- I WANT IT ALL radio mix

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Drum & bass


United States



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