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Agendra Sean Gurung   -   details

A total music nerd from the hills of Darjeeling, India based in Hong Kong.

Currently, addicted to samples, loops, the art of repetition and sonic mayhem, working with Software-based-Sequencers and Digital-Audio-Workstations for arranging and creating music.

Once upon a time, a guitarist shredding solos with numerous cover bands. Recorded an album's worth of demo with good friends that is yet to be mastered.


Play this track stream Get The Fuck Outta My House
Play this track stream Feelin'
Play this track stream The Cylon Tragedy
Play this track stream The Tribute To Radio
Play this track stream Trippin'
Play this track stream The Blow
Download this track file Rattle Snake Shake
Play this track stream Shree Paanch...Rock Anthem
Play this track stream The Bleep
Play this track stream Bob Says (Singtam Ko )_Old Skool Edit
Play this track stream Jab Sandhya Huncha (The Retro Mix)
Play this track stream Sangarsha (Robin vs. Paul Oakenfold}

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Drum & bass


Hong Kong



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