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Mid-Life Crisis

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 Shree Paanch...Rock Anthem

 Bob Says (Singtam Ko )_Old Skool Edit

 Jab Sandhya Huncha (The Retro Mix)

 Sangarsha (Robin vs. Paul Oakenfold}

Welcome to my Mid Life Crisis...This wouldnt have been possible if I hadnt had the chance to experience the whole Hong Kong clubbing scene in general...the most revered DJs...the beautiful people...the awesome clubs...Thanks to all the Nepali artists whose beautiful songs are featured as remixes...not to forget my family and friends who bear with my nonsense...It aint been an easy ride and it could get worse but lets hope for the best...Peace and Whatever...


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 The Bleep

 The Blow

 The Tribute To Radio



 The Cylon Tragedy

Agendra Sean Gurung's original material from 2008-2009 created on Reason / Sony Acid Pro / Ableton Live and Wave Arts using ESI KeyControl 25 for MIDI.

Warning: Music by this artist is Addictive. Listen at your own Risk.


Drum & bass


Hong Kong



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