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Subject: To them who has/had C.Aemon keyboard

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Original Message 1/2                 Date: 30-Jan-11  @  06:04 AM   -   RE: To them who has/had C.Aemon keyboard

Markus Kängsepp

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I am thinking of buying C.Aemon lp-6180 keyboard, but i want to know if it is good for beginner. Is the quality of product and quality of sound good?
Is the product well worth the money?
Also it would be kind of you if you leave other information about the keyboard too.


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Message 2/2                 Date: 31-Jan-11  @  06:44 PM   -   RE: To them who has/had C.Aemon keyboard


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depends what you expect from it really. It is more of a super-budget home keyboard with accompanyment features. It is very cheap tho. It also has midi out so in future I assume you can use it as a midi controller keyboard to play s/w synths


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