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Subject: Quad Core Processor Server

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Original Message 1/3                 Date: 28-Aug-10  @  04:11 PM   -   RE: Quad Core Processor Server


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A pal of mine comes across bits n pieces during the course of his job & has got hold of a server with a quad core processor which he says I can have for my music production.

Now knowing very little about IT network architecture can any one tell me whether its going to be of any use to me in my home set up?

As i understand it a server is what is used to hook up networks & is used to send info to numerous PCs which I have no need to do.

Im assuming its going to have a huge memory & was wondering whether it can be used with my existing PC to store all my files on.

Is it simply a case of hooking up the right connections (plug n play) to my PC so that I can use thye storage and also utilise the speed of the quad core processor it has? 

Sorry if the info above is a bit sketchy but Im not entirely familiar with servers and all of there capabilities and functions.

Any advice or assistance is appreciated
Thanks guys  

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Message 2/3                 Date: 03-Sep-10  @  11:00 AM   -   RE: Quad Core Processor Server


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a server is just a pc mate, but may have additional accessories added to the physical build. such as hot-swap power supplies or a removable raid cabinet in the front. Also the motherboard may be more extensive with lots of card slots, & more ram slots.

apple sell their mac mini configured as a server for example, and it does the job for a small environment

main problem could be the noise. server's arent usualy built to be quiet. my rack server sounds like a 747 - the good news would be the components are likely to be decent.

you may have to change the power supply/cooler anyways. Did you get to hear in running yet?


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Message 3/3                 Date: 23-Mar-11  @  12:43 PM     Edit: 23-Mar-11  |  05:47 PM   -   RE: Quad Core Processor Server


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Quad core still have some "kick" to it. Although I have an i7 workstation ready to go into daily service I am still running a dual (x2 cpus) single core Xeons and it works ok still.

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