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Subject: Roland E-15 Synthesizer problem

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Original Message 1/2                 Date: 22-Aug-10  @  07:18 PM   -   RE: Roland E-15 Synthesizer problem


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Hi fellow musicians,
This is my first post.
I'm sure my experience here will be a pleasant one.
I've had this Roland E-15 Intelligent synth for several years and its always been super reliable. It's been sitting idle for about 3 years, I'm a guitarist mainly. Switched it on last week, heard a lot of crackling but no audio from the right hand channel. Checked with headphones, same result.
Anyone had a similar experience with this particular model?
Sydney, Australia.
email: tonyburke78@gmail.com

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Message 2/2                 Date: 22-Aug-10  @  11:26 PM   -   RE: Roland E-15 Synthesizer problem


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hi Tony,

The output sockets and also the volume slider should be cleaned using switchcleaner, NOT wd40 btw

The output sockets (assuming they are 1/4" jack sockets) can be cleaned using a burnishing tool which is very cheap from a electronics component type stores.

basicaly the burnishing tool is a solid steel 1/4" jack plug with a very fine abrasive coating on the plug shaft. You spray some cleaner on the shaft/pin of the plug, insert it into the socket and just rotate it and plug it in and out repeatedly & it burnishes the contact surfaces inside the socket. Finaly clean out the socket with some q-tips with cleaner sprayed on (or isopropyl alchohol), and finaly dry q-tips to remove any leftover crap.

however, maybe first check it's not your leads or a dodgy socket before going to all that hassle.


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