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Subject: DBX_266XL

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Original Message 1/2                 Date: 09-Apr-08  @  05:42 PM   -   DBX_266XL      [Link: DBX - 266XL]



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I bought a dbx 266xl off ebay. when i powered it up. Number channel leds were all lit up. the first channel wasn't. These are the reduction leds. Are they suppose to be on or off. When I put it into the stereo couple mode the lights went out. Please let me know what the problem might be.



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Message 2/2                 Date: 28-Apr-08  @  12:39 PM   -   RE: DBX_266XL


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the channel 2 led's & controls are disabled when in stereo couple mode. Only the gain reduction indicator works on the disabled side, all controls and meters work on the controlling side (channel 1) only in stereo coupel mode


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