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Subject: deejay mix space upgraded!

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Original Message 1/1                 Date: 16-Dec-05  @  02:38 PM   -   deejay mix space upgraded!


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ok, we changed deejay user section

max free filespace bumped to 50mb!

Also now deejays can upload a mix file up to 50mb max!... this easily allows an hour + set @ 64k/sec mp3 format or around 50 minutes @ 128kb/sec mp3

now you can choose to either add several smaller remixes as before, OR use most of your 50mb space to rotate a single longer deejay set, updating it whenever you like with a new set file.

I'll try and get the Podcasts done for that now cos it's be useful to load long sets to iTunes.

Please note, we've banned user from signing up as a deejay who use yahoo, gmail & hotmail 'anonymous' accounts as we were getting too many wannabe teeny-homeboy 'deejays' using the space to add their favourite 50-Pence track for their freinds to listen to...

Please use a proper email address to signup for this service & keep it all cool!


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Viewing all 1 messages  -  View by pages of 10:  1

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