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Subject: Smapling Eletric Guitars

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Original Message 1/2                 Date: 26-Jun-03  @  07:06 PM   -   Smapling Eletric Guitars


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Ive managed to get my hands on a guitar and a peavey preamp and would like to make a distorted guitar sample set for my A3000.
Has anyone here done this that would like to share some tips?
I don't play at all but am sure I could manage to find each note.lol
are chords better for guitar patches ?

would you play a long sustained note for each key and map it that way ?

I also a sw1000xg that has a amp sim effect.



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Message 2/2                 Date: 03-Jul-03  @  03:28 PM   -   RE: Smapling Eletric Guitars


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i would sample each note if you really wanna sample a geetar- cant imagine why you would if you can play.....but yeah long sustaining notes- i wouldn't use distortion id record clean, eq and compress and then add distortion after its sampled- that way you can really get tweaking with different sounds and could essentially use CC messages to stomp on that Distortion Box for ya....


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