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26-Jun-20 - Samplecraze release Mixing Pop Music video course

Mixing Pop Music is a video series course that contains 24 videos spanned across 5 hours and
encompasses all the processes required to mix and produce a commercial friendly pop mix. Bursting
with advanced industry techniques, tips and tricks, exercises and practical guides this course offers a
tantalising series for recording artistes, engineers, hobbyists and producers.

The best way to explain how to mix a pop song is to actually mix a pop song, from start to finish!
Process specific video tutorials are great but not tremendously helpful when it comes to explaining how
to mix a specific genre from the viewpoint of the producer. This is better covered by a start to finish
process with the tutor providing little bits of wisdom here and there, explaining correct workflow
practices, pitfalls to avoid, and so on. The personal mix approach of the producer provides a useful
insight into how professional producers approach a mix project and this is the icing on the technical
cake so to speak. Eddie has made sure to explain not only the processes covered within the course but
also his thinking and approach to mixing for a complex genre.

To fully master this subject a modicum of theory is necessary and Eddie Bazil has made sure to provide
the necessary grounding in all areas of mixing pop music. However, nothing quite compares to the
hands-on approach of learning and this has been endorsed with countless before and after audio
examples with guides on what to use and when and how to use them.

The Mixing Pop Music video course is currently offered with a 60% discount, as an intro offer, and
costs just £14.99 instead of the RRP of £38.99

Link:  mixing pop music

10-Sep-19 - Samplecraze release Vocal Masterclass

20 videos, totalling nearly 4 hours, exploring a wide range of vocal production techniques

Samplecraze have once again expanded their extremely popular ‘masterclass series’ of video tutorials,
this time with Vocal Masterclass which consists of 20 videos with a combined runtime of 3 hours and 45
minutes. Suitable for producers of all levels, the package comprehensively covers a wide range of vocal
processing tricks, tips and techniques.

Vocals are the most important aspect of any non-instrumental production and are at the forefront of the
quest to engage and satisfy the listener. They are also one of the toughest engineering aspects to
master for any producer and getting them right can elevate a mix to greatness.

Renowned Samplecraze founder Eddie Bazil draws on nearly 40 years of professional audio
engineering and sound design experience to cover both male and female vocals in significant depth. In
his own words, “The vocals tell the story, drive the energy of the song and communicate with the

After covering the foundations of preparing, layering and harmonising vocal parts, applying EQ, de-
essing and a variety of dynamics processing techniques the collection then progresses to more esoteric
and creative methods such as using modulation to add dynamic motion, advanced dynamics, ducking
reverbs for clarity, gating, a number of automation tricks and more insider tips than it’s practical to list

As with most Samplecraze masterclasses a subset of the content is aimed specifically at engineering
vocals within the genres of EDM, Rock, Hip-Hop and Rap. However those same techniques can of
course be applied to a much broader set of creative use cases.

Samplecraze are currently offering Vocal Masterclass at the special introductory price of £19.99 which
considering the wealth of valuable information in the package is worthy of serious consideration for any
producer serious about their art.

Link:  vocal masterclass

12-Mar-19 - Samplecraze release EQ Masterclass

As follows:

The latest video series release from Samplecraze in their line of 'masterclass series' is the Equalisation
Masterclass which offers access to 21 videos totalling over 4 hours and comes supplied with one of
Samplecraze's best selling eBooks - EQ Uncovered. The EQ Masterclass Series caters for beginners,
intermediates and advanced budding producers!

EQ, or equalisation, is the one dynamic that everyone has in their arsenal of dynamic processors and
yet so many have trouble getting to grips with it. With this in mind the EQ Masterclass video series
explores in-depth the various type of eqs available and how and when to use them.

The video series kicks off with a detailed tutorial exposing the differences between linear phase and
minimum phase topologies with emphasis on how and when to use them. This is then followed by
numerous videos explaining the differences between the various types of eqs available; from graphic to
parametric, dynamic to sweeping, notch to quasi-parametric and so on…., all the various eq types are
explained in detail and are supplied with hands-on before and after audio examples to help you to see
and hear the differences in action. No video series would be complete without specific equalisation
examples for voice, drums, guitar and so on and Eddie of Samplecraze has made sure to cover these
subjects in great detail, showing you how to use eq each sound/instrument and with which eq design.

To fully master this subject a modicum of theory is necessary and Eddie has made sure to provide the
necessary grounding in all areas of equalisation. However, nothing quite compares to the hands-on
approach of learning and this has been endorsed with countless before and after audio examples with
guides on what to use and when to use them.

Finally the video series is accompanied with the well reviewed EQ Uncovered eBook which delves into
this subject in great detail leaving no stone unturned and this along with the video series is stuffed to the
brim with Power Tips and Tricks!

The EQ Masterclass is currently offered with a 20% discount and costs just £19.99


Link:  eq masterclass

11-Feb-19 - Samplecraze release Compression Masterclass

The latest video series release from Samplecraze in their line of 'masterclass series' is the
Compression Masterclass which offers access to 20 videos totaling over 4+ hours and caters for
beginners, intermediates and advanced budding producers!

The series kicks off with detailed videos on what a compressor is, how it works and how to use it. This
is then followed by 'data' videos which cover all the various forms of compression: from downward and
upward compression to downward and upward expansion, from feedback compression to negative
limiting! The series then enters into the world of 'compressor modes and topologies' and all the major
topologies/designs are covered, from FET to Vari MU, from Opto to Solid State, no stone is left
unturned. Continuing with the data series the world of multiband compression is explored and the
subject of sidechaining is exhausted.

All the data videos are followed by extensive hands-on example videos with emphasis on every
process covered in various mix scenarios! The series ends with focused genre videos on the two
major players - EDM and Hip Hop and how to use compression and limiting when processing various
sounds, drums being a prime example. If you have ever wondered how producers achieve the 808
'bounce' or the 909 'cutting through the mix' colours you are in for a treat.

AND finally the subject of Mixbus compression is explored with guidance on how to structure
compressors for the ultimate 'big sound'.

No video series would be complete without a tips and tricks section and this series does not
disappoint. From general 'good working practices' advice to detailed 'how to's the Compression
Masterclass will fulfill all your needs.

The Compression Masterclass is currently offered with a 20% discount and costs just £19.99

Link:  compression masterclass

04-Dec-18 - Samplecraze release Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass

Samplecraze release Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass: a package containing the highly acclaimed
Creative Effects eBook PLUS over 5 hours of video tutorials spread across 38 videos!

No modern hit is complete without a sprinkling of effects – what we sleep deprived producers call
‘studio fairy dust!’ Understanding the basic studio effects required to maximise your masterpieces is
one thing but what happens when you need something a little more esoteric in the multi effects
department? The Samplecraze Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass package delves deep into
demystifying how studio and multi effects work and how and when to use them.

Eddie Bazil shows you how all the necessary studio effects work – from reverb to distortion, chorus to
phaser, tape saturation, tubes/valves, harmonizers, vocoders, modulators, all manner of harmonic and
enharmonic distortion, filtering, flanging and equally offensive sounding effects. Eddie goes deep and
shows you how they work and how and when to use them to best optimise your mix sessions. Once
you have mastered the basic studio effects he introduces you to all the ‘other’ effects that are rarely
covered by online tutorials – scary subjects like the various orders of harmonic distortion, time
stretching and pitching, ducking effects on spoken word and so on. In fact, between the fully
comprehensive eBook and 38 videos on offer every type of studio effect is covered both technically
and in use.

The Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass package comprises of one extremely well reviewed eBook-
Creative Effects and ACCESS TO over 5 hours of 30 in-depth video tutorials that explain all the
processes listed. Each process is explained with before and after audio examples so you are afforded
real-life working examples instead of reference material that you then need to decipher using Enigma
code breakers. For those that are studio effects savvy Eddie has made sure to provide you with
enough technical data to keep you happy in your life choices.

This package is perfect for producers at every level, from beginner to Jedi!

As an introductory sweetener Studio and Multi Effects Masterclass is offered at 40% OFF RRP!

Link:  studio and multi effects masterclass

28-Jul-14 - Mixing to Noise - Hip Hop and EDM Profiling

Samplecraze release new video on the subject of Mixing to Noise:

The processes described here will help you to conduct a level mix in literally no time at all. That is how potent and accurate the Mixing to Noise processes are. Try it and you will be amazed at the level of results achieved and the speed at which they are achieved.

The video covers the following subjects:

What is Noise?

Using a noise generator and understanding its parameters.

What are the different colours of Noise and what do they mean?

Calibrating Noise and Noise thru levels.

Using a spectrum analyser for response analysis.

Using a spectrum analyser in 1/3 and full octave modes for Noise analysis.

Filling the Ripped Profile.

Referencing profiles with noise with the K standard.

Analysing all three components for the profile, noise and applied response.

Calibrating the master bus to the K standard.

What are the K standards and what do they mean?

What is a response/profile?

Ripping responses/profiles from commercial mixes.

Employing ripped profiles with Noise for advanced mixing techniques.

Link:  mixing to noise - hip hop and edm profiling


So, you make music and want to do it better. What do you do?

If you have time and patience, you can try to teach yourself, which is one reason why we at Samplecraze publish books and create tutorial videos.

If you have cash to burn, you could take a few years to do one of the many degree courses that promise to land you a hypothetical music industry job. But that’s a leap of faith.
We think there’s a better, quicker and more affordable way to take your production skills to the next level: bespoke one-to-one tuition. Which is exactly what our founder Eddie Bazil is offering in his new Masterclasses!

Rather than make you work through a rigid syllabus, as most courses do, Bazil tailors everything to the needs of the individual student, taking account of the genres in which they’re working, their level of experience, and what they want to learn. In fact, one of the Masterclasses takes the form of a ‘Mix Lab’ in which Bazil will deconstruct one of your own mixes and help you rebuild it to achieve a more polished, commercial feel.

Other subjects include beat construction and drum mixing, essential mixing tools and skills, and synth programming and sound design. There are classes covering genre-specific techniques for dance and hip hop production, and others on industry standard software such as Logic Pro, Cubase and Wavelab. Whatever the subject, teaching is hands-on, interactive and accessible.

Because tuition is personalised, Samplecraze Masterclasses are for everyone — from complete beginners through to college and university students, semi-professionals, and even experienced producers who want to expand into new areas of audio production.
One of the biggest benefits, compared to many courses, is that you pay only for what you need: students can choose to take anything from a half-day Masterclass to a more comprehensive programme, covering several subjects.

Tutor Eddie Bazil has over 35 years of experience in music production, programming, and remixing. His credits include countless dance and urban tracks, music for film and theatre, and sound design for popular software and hardware samplers. He’s written several books on audio technology, and contributed to leading magazines such as Sound On Sound.

Masterclass prices start at £200 for a half-day, with discounts available for multiple bookings. Classes take place in a sound treated studio with professional monitors in the UK.
Visit the Samplecraze website to learn more about the subjects available, read testimonials from students, and to book.

Internet link: http://www.samplecraze.com/masterclasses
Email: info@samplecraze.com
Phone: +44 (0)1494 528419.

Link:  samplecraze masterclasses

14-Mar-14 - Samplecraze release their latest book: Low End

Low End: The Definitive Guide For Producers

A New eBook By Samplecraze, Covering Everything You Need To Know About The Bass End In Pop, Dance & Urban Genres

While a great bass end may not guarantee you a hit, failure here will scupper your chances, particularly if you’re working in urban, pop or dance styles. So bass, the bottom end, the low end — call it what you will — to craft a successful pop, dance or urban track, you need to get what’s happening in those low frequencies bang on.

Samplecraze’s latest eBook Low End: The Definitive Guide For Producers takes on this vast and much misunderstood subject. Author Eddie Bazil has poured decades of dance and urban sound-design experience into this epic exploration of the bottom end, and the result is far more than a book about mixing.

Eddie covers everything from choosing classic sound sources like the classic Roland TR808 and 909 synths, to programming parts with a real feel — and parts that won’t cause problems when it comes to the mix. There’s plenty of practical advice on sound-sculpting using filters, both creatively and to remove ‘mud’ and avoid masking, on dynamics processing and ways to add ‘warmth’ using tube, tape and analogue gear emulations. All of the production tricks you’d expect to see in dance, pop and urban genres are explained in detail, from layering different sounds and parallel processing, through side-chaining your gates and compressors for pumping and other effects, triggering sub-bass synths, and modulation of various synth and effects parameters, to the many different ways you can use automation to your advantage.

His main focus is on the practical skills and tips that you need to make quick progress, and throughout the book Eddie demonstrates techniques using what he calls ‘Sound Design Remixes’, where he takes a real-world project and reworks the bass end textures and timbres to illustrate exactly the effect he is talking about. But he’s also backed this up with plenty of useful theory that will help you keep learning and experimenting for years, including a detailed consideration of phase and phase-cancellation — which can not only cause problems like making your low end sound thin (or even disappear!), but can be turned to your advantage when you know how. There’s far more than can be listed here, so head over to the Samplecraze website for a chapter-by-chapter breakdown.

Why an eBook? Quite simply, there’s no other publishing format that can really do this subject justice — this virtual tome weighs in at almost 300 pages and is packed with illustrative pictures, screen captures from the latest plug-ins and production software and audio examples. And of course, the savings over paper and printing get passed on to you: you get all this for only $25.

Read this book, try out Eddie’s tricks and absorb his advice — and you’ll soon be well on the way to making tracks with the tightest, punchiest of bottom ends. And if you’re still not sure if this one's for you, then head over to samplecraze.com, where you can check out the quality of the many free tutorials and find details of Eddie’s other books and videos, and Samplecraze one-to-one tuition packages.

Price: $25.

For more details go to www.samplecraze.com.

Background Notes:

Samplecraze is all about music production education. They’ve published a range of eBooks tackling a range of subjects including Creative Effects, The Art Of Drum Layering, EQ Uncovered and Beat Construction as well as a number of free taster tutorials and videos. Samplecraze also offer custom one-to-one training packages in music production.

Founder Eddie Bazil has been programming and creating samples for decades, since before the heyday of Akai and Emu hardware, and is also the man behind respected virtual instrument makers, Stretch That Note.

Link:  low end

17-Oct-13 - Stretch That Note Present 'Killa Kits' A Comprehensive Urban, Dance & Electronica Drum Library

Nothing in rap, hip-hop and dance music screams 'amateur' more than limp, lifeless, lacklustre drum sounds. Thankfully, beat-making legends Stretch That Note (STN) have made it easier than ever to avoid this production pitfall with their latest release, Killa Kits.

If you've tried our other products, you'll know that here in the STN labs, we do some very clever things with samples, but this time we kept things deliberately simple. You just get pristine quality, beautifully sculpted sounds that are perfect for any type of modern song construction.

Killa Kits is a comprehensive, downloadable library, bursting with the latest cutting-edge drum, percussion and FX sounds, each one of which has been expertly crafted specifically with urban and electronic genres in mind. We don't use the word 'comprehensive' lightly, either! There are over 6,000 professional-quality drum samples, marshalled into 96 presets for the industry-standard NI Battery and Kontakt sampling software. Each preset features multiple drum kits — so this package gives you literally hundreds of the choicest kits.

Pretty much any percussive requirement your mind can conjure up is catered for, from electronic percussion to impacts, from grimy kits to scratch kits, from sparkling percussion to hard-hitting spot FX. The various kits are layered to provide you with the extra thump and bottom end that modern mixes demand, and unlike in some libraries the scratches are recorded from a genuine vinyl performance by a leading scratch artiste. We're particularly proud of our hard-hitting hip-hop and dance drum kits, which offer brain-bashing, spine-rattling mega drums, with kicks that punch hard enough to burst your spleen, and snares that cut so hard they'll make your eyes bleed.

Ranging from stalwarts like shakers and tambourines, via club cowbells and latin percussion to filtered tabla, and more weird and wonderful pieces like Tibetan bells, there's everything in the percussion kits you could want — and in the FX library, there's a whole lot more besides. Have you ever heard reverse cowbells, or processed the chunky mechanical sounds of a factory? Or grinned at the sound of huge, resonating toms run through a Harmonizer? Now you can.

All samples were recorded and processed through a meticulous chain, making use of select analogue and digital gear. Each kit and every range of samples was then edited and mapped across the keyboard, to provide the user with an instrument that's as playable as it is programmable.

In short, there's no better 'bread and butter' beat-making library out there — so at only $50, it's a real must have for every beat-maker. Why not download the free demo which consists of two full presets, each featuring a number of drum kits?

For more details and a demonstration video, go to http://www.stretchthatnote.com/product/killakits

Link:  killa kits

10-Jun-13 - Samplecraze publish Beat Construction: The Definitive Guide For Beat Makers

Just as every great master's painting needs a great frame, every stand-out tune needs a stand-out beat: get the beat right, and you can turn your OK tune a foot-tappingly infectious masterpiece. But while most DAW software gives you the tools you need to craft the perfect beat, but you still need to know HOW to do it — else you'll end up with a robotic groove that impresses no-one!

Just just what is it that makes a stand-out beat? How do you give your beat it's own unique identity? What is it that gives Timbaland's beats that special vibe — and how can you copy him? These questions and many more are answered in the latest e-Book from Samplecraze.

Whether Dre or Rihanna is your thing, or you're more into dance, pop, old-school electro or trip hop, Samplecraze's new bible of beat creation takes you on a practical hands-on exploration of the beat-making process, which will leave you with a deep understanding of how the world's leading beat creators get the sounds they do, and, more importantly, how they inject that all-important 'nod factor' into their tunes.

Starting with the basic foundations of sculpting and layering individual drum sounds, there's plenty to get the newbies up to speed. But it goes much deeper than that. For example, there are chapters on various slicing techniques, using modulators and new techniques to create 3D motion and stereo width. Author Eddie Bazil also reveals the secrets of advanced 'ghosting' techniques, and there's a section comprising several chapters dealing with how to 'rip’ the feel from commercial tracks using your DAW (yep, that's right, you can steal the feel from your favourite track without sampling it and infringing copyright!). And in case you're left in any doubt, there are workshops on building urban and dance tracks from the ground up.

As with all Samplecraze's books, there's a heavy emphasis on step-by-step practical examples, with plenty of screen captures from various software packages to show you what's going on. There's a whopping package of over 350MB of audio, MIDI and REX files that illustrate the points being made, and rather than compromise the audio by streaming it or compressing to MP3, Samplecraze have presented the files themselves as pristine quality WAVs. That way, you can listen to them and tweak them in your DAW as you work your way through the exercises in the book. And when you hear them, you can be sure that Bazil is a man who knows exactly what he's talking about!

So… if you want to make cutting-edge beats, why waste time trawling through forums for tips and tricks from bedroom producers? This book has all the answers and has to represent the best $15 you could spend.

You can find full details and purchase the book at www.samplecraze.com, where you can also find a wealth of free tutorials on the beat-making and production process.

Link:  beat construction