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Man Down For Love

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Date-added: 05-Jan-10 Bookmark and Share
Last-updated: 05-Jan-10

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Man Down For Love I was a simpleton caught in a maelstrom Tossed pell-mell like a rag doll From the precipice of hell I was a blithering fool Throwing my flailing arms about Trying to grasp why the whirling detritus We buy and sell Adrift in dust Adrift in dust and sluice The tether was cut loose There is no static footing to call home Oh well, oh well Oh ancient oracle of Delphi Where am I in relation to you I was a naysayer And privy to inconventionality So wonder wonder wonder is my fun Thunder is a clay enclave Prometheus gave us fire And I used it to Perpetuate your desire in you I was a simpleton caught in An open box Tossed pell-mell I was a class defined Like a rag doll Into the things we Precipice of hell Encapsulate and call unkind Throwing my flailing arms about We are humanity Whirling detritus We are humanity We buy and sell We are humanity We are humanity Adrift in dust

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