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Robber Barren

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Last-updated: 30-Mar-07

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Robber Barren Tread walking convictions Tired We make a pit-stop On our lazy street You want in your hands Redemption We the people of earth Beat Palpably senseless Senses Fait accompli Tied to our own anguish In resignation We look so snide and ugly Look how want Blankets us for free A smarmy warmth I remember your gifts The ones you felt You had to give to me In our land Well The haves and have-nots Gordian thoughts A breakdown of our motivations Lead us through this storm When too awestruck to face My eyes set the pace Unto inner beauty The only one way forward Every step every sway Comfort is an opiate We’ve been chasing that dragon Far too long (One human like the next human when will we do anything never do carri-on like before) We put in the water Our piety lines drawn In the lake of life From whence our hands cup But there are no static lines In the water And there are no divisions as thus We are connected humans Us

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