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!GrooveMonkey has been a musician for many years, staring out over 15 years ago as a bassist playing mainly in shoe gazing indie and goth bands.

During this time he developed a liking for dance music, mainly the acid and techno explosion of the 80's.

This slowly led towards production and engineering as he realised that this is what he enjoyed far more than getting up on stage drunk and playing a show.

Whilst recording his last band he bought a drum machine and... (more)



Play this track stream Yearning
Play this track stream Natural Instinct
Play this track stream Do I Belong?
Play this track stream Star City
Play this track stream We Belong (To The Machines)
Play this track stream Lightbringer (SV Mix)
Play this track stream Abyss
Play this track stream Eyes Turn Red
Play this track stream Abstractions
Play this track stream States Of Being (Part 1)
Play this track stream States Of Being (Part II) Transmissions
Play this track stream States Of Being (Part III - Slowdive)
Play this track stream Lost (Bad Squishy Mix)

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United Kingdom



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