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dARKSTATe & Groovamoova - The two main projects from a Music Production Collective based in the South East of England..

dARKSTATe releases more album-based, dark electronic music.

Groovamoova is for the more upbeat, club flavoured material.

Our roll-call is currently (including featured vocalists on individual tracks):

Marc F (Marc Dark) - Producer, Progr... (more)


Play this track stream One Clean Break (Dark Vocal Mix)
Play this track stream Carrier (GroovaMoova Text Mix)
Play this track stream Clear (DT Lo-Fi Edit)
Play this track stream Daddy's little Girl

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Drum & bass
Breaks & beats


United Kingdom



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News Blog

23-Jul-03 - DIRTY PAWZ Presents VOLUME ONE

10-Dec-02 - Darkstate releases 2nd Album Project!

26-Jul-01 - Darkstate Website RELAUNCHES!!!

02-Apr-01 - NEW dARKSTATe/GroovaMoova EP Announced!!!

19-Mar-01 - dARKSTATe Webpages updated (Rogues Gallery Part 1)


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