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It was around 1997 and after some experiences with bands that 1Way (at the time known as JustLee) was introduced to dance music, DJing and the world of records.
With his first music accomplice, Deadly Cut, they start exploring sounds between broken beat, new jazz and hiphop. But it's in 99 that drum n bass starts defining their sets, putting them on the centre of the drum n bass movement in their hometown of Porto, with nights at the cities biggest clubs like Mau Mau, Hard Club and Meia Cave. Between 2000 and 2002, 1Way strengthens his presence on the national drum n bass scene playing with names such as LTJ Bukem, London Elektricity, DJ Krust among others.

In 2002 he moves town and changes name. A new base is set up in London under the name 1Way. Exposed to new styles and forms of electronic music, his musical spectrum widens as a collector and DJ, focusing on genres like breakbeat, house, rock, electro, dub and reggae. In 2005, 1Way and Deadly Cut start the DJ duo The Dead:Lees, building sets where house, breaks and electro fitted perfectly with rock. They became residents at the east London nights Antisocial, share sets with legendary producer Arthur Baker and start playing frequently at the acclaimed club Fabric.

It's with the Dead:Lees that 1Way takes the first steps into music production, but while the project takes a break in 2007, in parallel, new directions take shape. He becomes a regular guest from DJ Buster at the radio show Basspaths - Badmood/Wireless FM, where a bigger dub influence comes through. Soon after, that starts showing on his productions where he takes a dub techno and dubstep approach.

Besides his strong links with the Badmood Crew, 1Way has releases with the Berlin label Dubstep Division Records and with the Porto collective Faca Monstro. At the moment he has a partnership with DJ Ruido, the project ALMA, producing music, sound tracks for TV, theatre and sound design. 1Ways DJ sets explore music between ambient and techno, going through house and dubstep, but always with a common reference point, bass heavy music.


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