I have been potching with computers, synths, MIDI and audio stuff since I was about 8 years old. I think (and have been told) it's about time I got off my lazy arse and did something more constructive with what I've learnt and done over the last 25 years or so.

As far as making music is concerned, I am an audio junkie - I need my daily fix of tuning, tweaking and twiddling knobs - NO! - not those ones! - you know what I mean.

I love loads of different genres & types of music which is why my music is such a mixed bag. One minute I'm working on a manic-bukka-bukka-squawk track, then next, a floaty-mellow-spacey track.

My DJ Sets are usually Trance - Hardhouse - Tribal House Beats. It all depends on all the nutty ravers & clubbers out there. You know who you are !)

If anyone fancies doing some online or offline collaborations, I'm well up for it. Just email or PM me and we'll go from there !)